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Beans are a magnificent plant based protein. they also have no fat, salt, Or high cholesterol, And are devoid of fat. They are rich in fiber adam vinatieri jersey, Phytochemicals, health proteins, steel, the mineral magnesium, Certain B nutritional vitamins, And potassium. These nutrients provide great reduction benefits for long term health. They help force away obesity, Colon cancer, Diabetes, And heart problems. The fiber fills you up so you can use it to help with weight reduction as well as diabetic blood sugar control, as well as being been shown to lower LDL levels. There are so many beans to pick from and they are versatile for cooking add them to salads Personalized packers jersey, soups, Side dinners cj anderson jersey, actually casseroles. they are simply easy, cost-conscious, And great just open a can! They satiate and keep blood sugars stable. They are a good calorie cost at 115 calories per half cup, and maybe they are a nutrient rich choice, ellie Larson, RDN, CD, CSSD Milk supplies three of the four nutrients that Americans are likely to miss out on potassium, lime, And vitamin and mineral D (nevertheless, not fiber) custom dallas cowboys jersey. combined with, Americans only get about half of the advocated three servings a day of dairy.
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CARDIOLOGIE Cele mai importante investigatii pentru depistarea, diagnosticarea si tratarea bolilor cardiovasculare sunt asigurate de tehnologie performanta: ECOGRAF PERFORMANT –ecografie cardiaca/ecocardiografie, ecografieDoppler; EKG,HOLTER TA, ELECTROCARDIOGRAFIE CONTINUA (HOLTER), TEST DE EFORT, TEST A.B.I. – test masurare indice glezna- brat, determinare INR, analize de laborator, Radiologie etc. Servicii medicale oferite:  Consultaţie Stabilire diagnostic Investigaţii paraclinice Recomandare tratament Supraveghere medicala pentru pacientii cu boli cronice Eliberare referat medical
Consult iniţial- medic specialist 100 lei
Consult control- medic specialist 50 lei
Consult + EKG 100 lei
Ecografie Doppler de axe carotidiene și vertebrale extracranian și artere subclavii 200 lei
EKG 40 lei
EKG + interpretare 70 lei
Holter combinat TA + EKG 200 lei
Holter EKG 100 lei
Holter TA (tensiune arterială) 100 lei
Holter TA cu pulsoximetru 200 lei
Pulsoximetrie 150 lei
Interpretare EKG 40 lei
Pachet consult specialist + EKG + ecocardiografie 200 lei
Ecografie cardiacă 100 lei
Test de efort 100 lei
Întocmire referat medical 100 lei
Dr. Radoi Cristina Luni & Vineri 8:00 – 15:00


Pachet CARDIO  Tarif fără Bilet de Trimitere
Consult de specialitate medic cardiolog: Evaluarea inițială a pacientului Examen clinic general Bilanț biologic Determinarea tensiunii arteriale Electrocardiogramă (ECG) Ecocardiografie Măsurarea indicelui gleznă braț ABI Eliberare scrisoare medicală și schemă de tratament *La nevoie medicul poate recomanda și alte investigații suplimentare efectuate ambulatoriu sau în spital (în vederea monitorizării de specialitate): Monitorizarea ambulatorie EKG/TA = 100 lei Ecco Doppler carotidă + vertebrală = 180 lei  320 lei/pachet